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“It is important for our brand to be able to connect with our customers. Pixlee TurnTo is integral to infusing digital into our store experience.”
Senior Manager of Customer Engagement
North America


In-Store Product Review Tag Scans


Unique Products With Review Tags

This global, prominent bag brand is known for its affordable, trendy, and durable styles, from backpacks and luggage to wallets and handbags. With an engaged customer base and high product review coverage, the luggage brand was looking for a way to integrate feedback from satisfied customers with its physical retail locations. To combine digital and in-store shopping experiences, the brand's team looked to Pixlee TurnTo.

QR Codes for a Cross-Channel Shopping Experience

Looking to infuse digital customer reviews into its physical stores, the brand worked with the Pixlee TurnTo team to create QR codes on the tags of in-store products, linking to each product’s on-site reviews. The brand also built larger displays with in-store product review tags highlighting reviews of multiple products, ultimately driving over 1,500 tag scans.

“After looking at ways to incorporate product review tags into our stores, Pixlee TurnTo came to us with a great opportunity and solution to get it up and running.”

In-store product review tags serve as conversation-starters for store associates to provide context to customers interested in specific products, and are especially popular with younger shoppers. Easy access to this authentic feedback gives consumers the confidence to purchase that typical brick and mortar stores typically lack. 

“The in-store product review tag feature is a great conversation starter and a good way to talk to the customer about the product. It allows the customer to get the information they need about the product directly from other customers who have purchased and used it.”

Robust Review Technology & Team Support

The brand knew the value of quick and easy implementation, as QR codes have grown in popularity at restaurants and other in-person destinations in recent years. Pixlee TurnTo’s customizable and user-friendly dashboard helped the brand team bring this goal to fruition efficiently for 31 products.

“Pixlee TurnTo is really helpful in giving us the list of our top-reviewed styles, especially our top five star reviewed styles, as well as providing us with a really easy setup."

The Pixlee TurnTo team consistently supports this brand in getting new features off the ground and looking for ways to optimize their customers’ experiences, both in-store and online. The brand not only looks to Pixlee TurnTo for unique technology to foster connection with its community, but also for advice tailored to their needs.

“I love how the Pixlee TurnTo team is always willing to give helpful suggestions, feedback, and is really responsive when we need them.”
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