Jane Konig

"Our investment in Pixlee TurnTo has been worthwhile. We see that our customers interact well with the images and that is exactly what we hoped would happen!"
Laura Lea Nocita
PR & Marketing Manager


Increase in AOV since implementation


Increase in conversion after interacting with Pixlee TurnTo content

How Jane Kønig Jewelry Increases Average Order Value with Pixlee TurnTo

Jane Kønig is a Danish Jewelry brand known for unique and eclectic designs. Designed by none other than Jane Kønig herself, the brand sells direct-to-consumers online, through their two flagship stores and through select retailers across Europe. With a broad market and a geographically diverse audience, the brand needed a solution that would show off the whimsical designs as they naturally look. To scale their content and create a more authentic connection with their customers, Jane Kønig chose Pixlee TurnTo.

Provide Relatable Website Content

The Jane Kønig team had the initiative to convert more site traffic to customers, but determining what sort of content would resonate with the purchasing audience was hard to tell. Jane Kønig’s marketing team wanted to show off inspirational content to entice their audience into interesting new looks and styles. By harnessing influencer and customer content, the Jane Kønig team can drive better sales and a more engaged set of website visitors.

“We have integrated Pixlee TurnTo on our Homepage and product page, and I would definitely recommend everyone to do so. We are sure that seeing the jewelry on an influencer has a significant impact on sales. We’re using Pixlee TurnTo to power this capability.”

Drive Better Site Engagement with Pixlee TurnTo Content

Keeping the site fresh for return visitors was a key initiative for the Jane Kønig team to increase site engagement. But managing that by hand and measuring the effectiveness of the content is time-consuming. With Pixlee TurnTo, updating the content and sourcing new content is a straightforward process.

“I think that it is very important that our costumers see our product on different people and see that it can be styled in different ways. If we had to take all those images ourselves, then it would be very time-consuming.“

Integrate with Facebook Ads to Drive Conversions

One of the key reasons why Jane Kønig’s marketing team chose Pixlee TurnTo is to have the ability to feature UGC and influencer content in Facebook ads seamlessly. While their audience has previously preferred product images, the marketing team finds value in using this unique channel for testing.

“I suggest taking the images from Pixlee TurnTo that perform the best and combining them with product images to see the best results.”

Support for Success

Getting operations up and running on Pixlee TurnTo was a quick and painless process for the Jane Koenig team. But even when questions arise, they know that there’s a team dedicated to their success.

"We have had a very great dialogue with Pixlee TurnTo from the beginning! So much so, we didn’t feel like we needed to look at other platforms."

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